Understanding Which Neuropathy Therapy Works For You

An example of a treatment therapy is the use of monochromatic infrared photo energy. It is a non-invasive type of treatment that does not employ the use of drugs. It uses photo energy or light energy as a form of healing therapy to relieve the patient of the pain caused by the numbness, and wounds from the neuropathy. This type of rehabilitation works on the principle that nitric oxide causes the blood vessels to open and maintain normal blood pressure. Also, according to research, diabetics do not have this molecule in their blood which is the reason why they also have high blood pressure that leads to the decrease in blood flow to the extremities, resulting in numbness and pain. Photo energy is absorbed through the skin and into the blood. The red blood cells then release the nitric oxide molecule to the blood vessels to increase circulation.

Another type of therapy is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. This therapy deals with sending minute electrical impulses to specific nerve pathways through small electrodes on the skin. Its principle is based on preventing pain signals from reaching the brain by intercepting them using the electrical impulses applied to the skin. It is another safe and painless way to reduce the symptoms of neuropathy. Unfortunately, not all patients benefit from this type of therapy and it is for several specific types of pain only.

Another neuropathy therapy used is biofeedback. It also uses a special machine to instruct you on ways to control certain body responses that lead to pain reduction. To make this type of therapy successful, it is essential that you learn the procedure taught and use it by yourself to control your body responses to reduce pain. These techniques are presently being taught in medical centers and hospitals.

Acupuncture can also be an effective healing procedure to alleviate chronic pain and even neuropathy pain. Several sessions are needed to see an improvement in this condition. Hypnosis can also be employed to cope with the pain. Being a responsive and willing participant is essential for it to be most effective. While hypnotized, suggestions will be given on how to diminish pain perception. Massage therapy can also be an effective treatment, but normally requires multiple sessions and counseling to be effective.

The less costly but probably most effective process in dealing with neuropathy pain is learning how to relax. Muscle tension further aggravates the pain. Getting a massage to relax the body is a good rehabilitation suggestion. Counseling is also considered vital to this therapy since it helps patients cope with and accept their condition fully, further relaxing the body and eliminating the pain — even for just a little while.