Nerve Pain: A Biography

When I am present, there is nothing they can do about it but wait until I leave.

I do not go everywhere. I only go where I see destruction and damage to my kind. Sometimes, I can be prevented from surfacing because of the various medications taken to suppress me. But too much of these medications can also allow me to come back.

I am seen lurking around people with diabetes, hereditary disorders, cancer and infectious conditions. I usually occupy the muscles of the legs, but sometimes spread to the arms, hands, and the whole body. There are times that I need to express myself fully, especially when the destruction is great. But when the damage is minimal, I just lie low. Whenever I see diabetics indifferent to their constantly elevated blood glucose, I rejoice because here is one place that I can stay longer and do my thing.

I do not understand why people love being with me so much. They keep on drinking alcohol everyday until they never seen sober. They love staying in places that are toxic to their health. They often stay in one position for a long time, even if they are already told not to. They don’t take care of themselves properly since they don’t get exercise or their daily supply of vitamins and minerals essential to keeping me out of their lives.

I actually pity those who have no choice but to live with me. I have been with their family for many generations and have also been handed down from generation to generation. They can never get rid of me unless a discovery is made to take me away from them. I wonder when that time will come. Others come across me because of their job. They also did not have the choice to decide whether I was welcome or not. Because of the nature of their work, I am likely to be present, but only until they succeed in getting rid of me by changing jobs to a better one.

I am aware that there are a lot of procedures designed to eliminate me. It’s okay. At least I can be alone again. They have tried a lot of medications but I always come back. They try electrical impulses to hinder my painful progress, but still I am there. They exercise to keep healthy and I stay away a little longer. I think it depends on the mindset of the person — if they really want me to stay or to go away. I have seen lots of people who took pains in finding ways of letting me go. And I have seen those who just didn’t have the strength to go on anymore, all because of me. Who am I? I am nerve pain.