Using Anodyne For Neuropathy Treatment

The use of Anodyne therapy as treatment for peripheral neuropathy has been widely propagated since its discovery several years ago. It is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment which uses monochromatic infrared photo energy (MIRE).

Light therapy or photo energy is being employed by numerous physicians and physical therapists to help patients recover from their numbness, pain and wounds that are a result of their neuropathy.

The Anodyne therapy system is an infrared medical device that aims to increase circulation and decrease pain. It has also been cleared with the US Food and Drug Administration and is currently being used widely in hospitals, clinics, and other health offices. It is very ease to handle, using flexible therapy arrays and soft neoprene straps. The pads are in direct contact with the concerned area being treated, producing consistent results. The pads used in therapy should always be covered with a clear plastic barrier and placed in direct skin contact for maximum effect.

Anodyne’s method is based on the principle that photo energy is absorbed through the skin and into the blood circulation system to release the nitric oxide molecule found in the red blood cells. Nitric oxide, according to research, is a molecule that diabetics lack. It is an essential molecule for the opening of blood vessels and maintaining a normal blood pressure. Since high blood pressure coupled with high cholesterol diminishes and even blocks the amount of blood flowing to the extremities, structures such as nerves and muscle tissue will not get enough oxygen and nutrients to maintain good health. This unhealthy state is responsible for the pain and numbness felt in the skin.

Anodyne therapy care centers offer a comprehensive program of ten to twenty four therapy sessions, including thirty to forty-five minutes of MIRE treatments, aside from other therapy programs. No significant side effects have been noted from this treatment, although there are still some precautions. Anodyne therapy should not be used over an active malignancy or on or near the womb of a pregnant woman. It is also advised not to be used with any topical heating agent like BenGay or Icy Hot, and these substances should be totally removed before Anodyne application. Patients suffering from diabetes are advised to monitor their blood sugar during a change in therapy or activity.

Some possible side effects of using anodyne directly include superficial burns. The area should be cleaned and treated before positioning the anodyne therapy settings properly and applying the anodyne. Patients with hypoglycemia are advised to have a full stomach before using Anodyne and other physical therapy sessions because of the increase in activity levels. However, anodyne can be used safely with metal implants, pins, screws, pacemakers and defibrillator. The reason behind this is that there is no electrical current or deep heat given out by the device.

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